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Live a naturally healthy lifestyle with Polar Electric Sauna Heaters from

The sauna culture is well-established and recognized all over the world for its incredible health benefits. Many historical evidences have made a ground for people to believe the benefits of saunas. A Sauna bath is considered as one of the best ways to relax and regain your lost energy instantly. It fades out tension, unwinds muscles and improves cardiovascular performance. At, we stock a wide range of Polar Electric Sauna Heaters that provide lower temperatures and lots of humidity. Manufactured using high grade components inculcating modern technology, these sauna heaters ensure longer service life. Starting at $2,724, installing our polar electric sauna heaters can provide you instant relaxing sauna baths for relieving stress, removing toxins and soothing the body and mind.

Having dimensions 15"W x 19"D x 34"H with 240 Volt - single Phase, these sauna heaters are UL listed and suitable for small sauna rooms. These floor standing sauna heaters can be purchased by directly placing the order online at our portal.