Laatu Electric Sauna Heaters

Compact Heaters

  • Electric Sauna Heaters designed for smaller saunas and
  • tight spaces. Combines great design with easy to use
  • digital technology.

Starting at $725.00

Built-In Controls

  • Electric Sauna Heaters featuring built-in, side or
  • front-mounted controls with theromstat and timer.

Starting at $685.00

External Controls

  • Electric Sauna Heaters featuring separate, wall-mounted
  • or externally mounted controls, thermostat and timer.

Starting at $900.00

Digital Controls

  • Simple to operate, Wall Mounted Sauna Heater features a
  • Built-In Contactor for use with any Digital Control.

Starting at $900.00

Floor Standing Heaters

  • Floor Mounted Sauna Heaters feature the convenience
  • of external controls with large rock capacity and stainless steel.

Starting at $1,182.00

Controls & Parts

Starting at $53.00

Our selection of quality sauna heaters will ensure your sauna reaches a comfortable temperature and stays there.  We offer a variety of heaters including electric sauna heaters and woodburning sauna heaters.  Please select from the products below to learn more about which type of sauna heater will best suit your needs.